Build Thread: Porsche 962 replica with a 997 GT3 heart

Mar 10, 2016
We’re following an amazing build on theAnchor PistonHeads Forum by user GTRCLIVE, an engineer out of Canada, who’s creating a mid-engined road car based on the classic Porsche 962. Since 17 July 2014, he’s been logging the progress of his build that began with a 997 GT3 engine and drive train, plus 962 bodywork and a blank canvas composite body.
Now, less than 2 years later, the build has made great progress as the thick of the fabrication is completed and the car is rolling. At this point he’s busy perfecting the bodywork as the car continues to come to life.
We’ll update this post with content from his thread as its posted. You can read the full thread here.
Check out this video from 22 February 2016 showing all the latest progress.


It began with a low mileage 997 GT3 engine, a complete wiring harness, a 962 body with most panels, and an assortment of other 962 goodies. Next Clive fabricated a recreation of the original tub, chassis and steering rack with only rough plans.

The draft plans for the car came alive on CAD.

A Jaguar XK8 lended parts for the electrically moveable pedal set.

The gearbox was delivered, complete with an electrical lockout for reverse, and the wheels too.

Oh wow this thing is going to be good!

Next came rear suspension design and plenty more CNC machining. 

11 months in and the car is rolling.

That 997 GT3 engine and tramission sits perfectly extending rearward over the axle.

The distinctive side frames help this car to a lofty width of 2m. The Nitron shocks arrived and it was now time to weld the dash to the cage bar and put the cluster in. Mmm GT3 cluster! The mix of classic style with modern technology is awesome.

The car will feature 2 piece AP rotors J hook versions 355x32mm with 6 piston road sealed calipers all round.

Of course, a fuel cell.

And a side mount exhaust.. 

Just look at that welding!

Now for bodywork and the tireless job of making everything fit.

And that's where Clive's up to at the moment. We'll continue to update this post as he adds more content to the thread and continues to progress this wonderful build.

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